vineyardsThe Jericho Creek sets the western boundary and the Old Toll Road sets the eastern border of the property. The hallmark of the 50- acre site is its 500 foot vertical drop from its northern to southern border.

That southern border looks down upon the new Calistoga District growing region which rises from the valley floor up to 880 feet. As stated in the Federal Register upon the announcement of the new AVA "the 880-foot elevation line, beyond which lies rugged, unplantable terrain, defines Calistoga's eastern limit" We beg to differ. Starting at approximately 1000 feet and quickly rising to their maximum elevation of 1500 feet the vineyards are perfectly representative of a true mountain terroir and the fruit is a reflection of those characteristics.

Farmed since inception by Pina Vineyard Management, the Pina's have been instrumental in guiding its development and providing a constant source of all the necessary encouragement and optimism to keep this endeavor going.

The vines are youthful in their tenure but have already produced well regarded and sought after fruit. Past and current buyers include Ramey Wine Cellars (David Ramey) and Vineyard 29 (Chuck McMinn), both of whom have been fabulous partners and we hope to continue those relationships into the future. With the quality of wine they produce and the critical acclaim both vintners have achieved it can only be our dream that the Knighton wine will compare favorably.

You will be the judge.

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